Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dawn's Raspberry Smoothie

I interviewed our family's premier smoothie maker, my 10 year old daughter, to learn her secrets to a great smoothie. Here is her favorite smoothie recipe to make, in her own words:

1 can of coconut milk
1/2 can of water
3 bananas
3 handfuls of frozen berries
honey, to taste

Put the can of coconut milk, & bananas in the blender. Blend. Then put the frozen berries in with the water on top. Then put the honey in, and you blend it up. Add more water if needed. Then you have a good smoothie.

Money saving hint: to find raw honey at the best prices, call around your area to find a beekeeper. We get raw honey this way, at a far lower cost than the processed (heated) honey at the grocery store.


aliya said...

Sounds wonderful! Just yesterday Eric was asking me to by coconuts for smoothies/juicing. I told him no, too hard to work with. And here you have the answer for us!
Today we're going to be making carrot/apple/pineapple juice. We'll juice the carrots and apples, and then take fresh pineapple and crushed ice and put it all together in the blender. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Casey Leigh said...

I LOVE coconut, but have never thought about using it in a smoothie. Great idea!

Eileen said...

Yes, we often buy coconut milk by the case from Azure Standard through a local co-op. Coconut is such a great food!